Posted by: Jamie Stamm | September 12, 2008

A preference for pink

If you met my son, you would probably think he’s all boy.

He loves trains and cars and trucks. He likes to get down and dirty, and he’s tough as nails (I saw him get hit in the head with a porch swing today, then stand right up and say, “Let’s do it again!”). And he’s usually playing sports – or else watching or talking about them.

But ask him his favorite color, and he’ll tell you emphatically, “Pink.”

And his favorite book? Victoria Kann’s “Pinkalicious.”

Cera really didn’t think anything was unusual about her brother’s choice of color – until she started kindergarten and learned that it’s mostly girls who like pink, while boys tend toward blue or green. Now, she thinks he’s “weird” and even questions his selection of reading material.

And when Anthony was drinking from Cera’s old pink water bottle at her soccer practice the other night, a little boy asked me, “Is that a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a boy,” I said, glancing up from our game of cars.

“Then why is his water bottle pink?” he asked, looking at my son as if he was a freak.

Because he’s 2, I wanted to shout. He doesn’t care if pink is a “girl color” or a “boy color.”

And the primary reason it’s his favorite? Because pink is Cera’s favorite color as well. And Anthony emulates his big sister in any way that he can.

So my son can tell everyone that he loves pink. I won’t judge him, and I hope other people won’t either.

Just don’t expect me to agree to his request for a pink sweatshirt like his sister’s. I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.


  1. You need to get him a little pink t-shirt that says, “Real Men Wear Pink”.

  2. I love it when parents let their children be who they want to be, and how sweet is it that he looks up to his sister like that?

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