Posted by: Jamie Stamm | August 27, 2008

Anthony and his “helmick”

A few days ago while cleaning out our bedroom closet, Jerry came across his old hockey helmet, which Anthony promptly claimed as his own. I’m a little nervous about him wearing it because it is huge (I’m afraid it will cause injury, rather than prevent it), but he looks so cute playing hockey in his “helmick,” as he calls it, that I’ve been letting him don it for a few minutes each day.

(The proof that this helmet actually has been used: Note the black mark on the visor under Anthony’s right eye – that’s where Jerry once got hit with a puck. Ouch!)

Today, with Fay scattering her remnants across North Carolina, Anthony donned his “helmick” for a morning of rainy-day, indoor hockey. He was the goalie, although I’m not sure how he saw the puck since most of the time, the helmet was covering his eyes.

Oh, that’s right, just look through the air vents.

I think Santa might need to bring this little one a helmet of his own.


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