Posted by: Jamie Stamm | August 17, 2008

Learning shapes with Anthony

According to Anthony, the above is a rectangle.

And this is a triangle.

This is a “house” …

… and this is an octagon.

So explain to me – how can a 2-year-old continuously confuse a triangle and a rectangle and think a pentagon is a house, yet always know that the eight-sided figure is an octagon?



  1. Clear things up with her. at the pentagon, she’s kinda right, because the house in a child’s drawing is a pentagon. Another factor is, she is just disoriented or something, maybe you could give her more examples about the shapes, and more hints and tips on how to identify them, just be patient in teaching her, and slowly clarify every shape. Also try to make the figure memorable to her, so she can remember it easily.

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