Posted by: Jamie Stamm | August 12, 2008

My savior

I had to be rescued today.

From my own son.

By a woman and her little dog.

Our saga started when Cera, Anthony and I piled into the van to take Cera to soccer practice. For some reason, Mr. Argumentative felt the need to pick fights with his sister about everything – what colors their eyes are, how many Macs we had passed, which one of them was actually going to soccer practice – even though Cera wasn’t taking the bait.

And then Anthony began declaring, “I’m in charge. I’m the boss.”

It was not a promising start.

While Cera practiced, Anthony and I played baseball. He was doing great, pitching, then hitting, then pitching again. But with each at-bat, we were moving farther and farther from the soccer field. And I wanted to make sure Cera knew we were still there. So I asked Anthony to walk back toward the field with me, and then we’d continue playing ball.

Apparently that was not acceptable.

He dropped to the concrete and threw a monster tantrum. I let him go for a few minutes, then picked him up and walked toward the field. He calmed down momentarily, but as soon as I put him back down, he relapsed into tantrum mode. I tried everything I knew to do – talking to him in a soothing voice, putting him in time out, threatening him with an early bedtime. Nothing worked. He just continued crying and kicking as other parents looked at me like I was the worst mom in the world.

Except one. Sensing my desperation (or maybe just not wanting to hear my son scream anymore), she grabbed her dog’s leash and started walking toward us.

It was as if Anthony could sense the coming canine. He stopped sobbing and focused his attention on the black and tan dachshund heading our way.

“Do you like doggies?” the mom asked.

“I love them,” Anthony said, reaching out his hand to pet the little dog.

For the remainder of practice, Anthony played with his new friend Chester while I commiserated with the other mom about 2-year-olds and tantrums.

“Thank you for saving me,” I told her as we got up to leave.

“No problem,” she replied with a smile. “That’s what moms do.”



  1. I hate those tantrum moments – especially when they persist into the elementary years. My son (Javi) still has meltdowns – and I just know other parents are giving me The Look. I’m glad the other mom bailed you out. I’ve found that little shock to the system (a random puppy, a bottle of bubbles, a temporary tattoo) will help them snap out of it and get back to being great kids. Good luck!

  2. What a nice mom-to-the-rescue. Christian is wearying me with his fits, too. He’s wearying me with lots of things, actually…we should compare notes. 🙂

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