Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 30, 2008

Life is like boogie boarding

While my daughter first took an interest in boogie boarding when she was just 18 months old …

… it wasn’t until this past weekend that she truly started to appreciate this maritime pastime.

As I stood on the shore, camera in hand, watching Cera and her daddy out among the surfers and other boogie-boarders at least 10 years her elders, it struck me that boogie boarding could teach my little girl some pretty important lessons about life:

1. It takes patience to find the perfect wave. I was amazed at how calmly and carefully Cera watched the swells, waiting for a wave that exhibited both the right timing and the right size. Sometimes she was out “in the deep” for more than five minutes as she searched for the perfect wave, but that patience paid off every time she road a wave all the way to shore.

2. When the perfect wave does come along, hold on tight and enjoy the ride. Even with all the watching and waiting, you can’t really predict what your ride is going to be like. Sometimes it’s smooth, and sometimes it’s wild, both of which can be fun. So just hold on tight and ride that wave for all it’s worth.

3. If the wave isn’t as perfect as you’d thought and instead throws you for a loop, get right back on your feet. There were several instances when Cera’s boogie board got ahead of her or behind her and a couple others when she slipped right off the side, but she did exactly what her Daddy and I had taught her: Put your feet on the bottom as quickly as possible and stand up tall. And then, after you’ve spit out the salt water and shaken off any other ills, paddle back out and start all over again.

For Cera, it was an afternoon of laughs and lots of smiles – followed by a fitful night of sleep. Now, hopefully, she’ll pass on the lessons she (perhaps unknowingly) learned to her little brother – because he’s ready to catch some waves, too.



  1. I liked this a lot. So true! It’s always good to get reminders on life lessons from little kids.

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