Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 25, 2008

Potty Training Chronicles: Episode 2

This morning, Anthony woke up with a completely dry diaper. After more than 10 hours of not emptying his bladder, I knew he had to go, so I gently suggested that he try to use the potty.

“No,” he said, not even glancing at me as he fixated on “Handy Manny.”

“Please, can you try to use the potty?” I repeated. “Show Mommy that you’re getting bigger.”

Lately, Anthony has been all about “getting bigger.” Whenever he does something for the first time – like putting on his sandals or spreading toothpaste on his toothbrush or climbing into the van and then up into his car seat all by himself – he subsequently declares, “I bigger today.”

My choice of words worked. Anthony jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

I scooted ahead of him, slid a stool in front of the “big boy” potty and lifted the lid.

Anthony climbed right up on that stool and leaned forward. And not 10 seconds later, he declared, “I not have to pee.”

But I was sure he did. I mean, 10 hours? I know I would have to go.

“Do you need to sit down?” I asked. “Why don’t you sit on your Elmo potty?”

So he did. And 10 seconds later, he was standing up and walking away.

“Try again,” I pleaded. “I’ll buy you some stickers. Just for you.”

Anthony resumed his spot on his throne. For 10 more seconds.

“I not have to pee,” he said again – and walked out of the bathroom for good.

So I gave in and put him in a pull-up.

And it was soaked in a matter of seconds.




  1. At least he’s not wetting the bed!

    That’s the biggest pain EVER.

    But the “no it’s not” personality is definitely shining through.

  2. More than a year ago, we first tried potty training. She was 2. She went on the potty for about a week and then gave it up, never to return until now. But what I loved was the second or third attempt that week: She sat down on the potty for a few minutes, stood up, took two steps, peed all over the floor … and then sat down on the potty again. (sigh)

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