Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 20, 2008

Mental image of the day

Tonight, after the rain had passed, the humidity had broken and the temperature had dropped, Jerry and I took the kids outside for some trampoline time before the sun went down.

As the kids bounced out the last of their energy, Jerry and I were mesmerized by the dragonflies swooping and gliding through our backyard. They were the biggest dragonflies we’d ever seen – easily the size of small birds. And there were several of them, which probably explains why we were able to enjoy this beautiful spectacle of nature without the biting and buzzing of mosquitoes.

After a few minutes, Jerry decided he was going to try and catch one of the dragonflies, and he disappeared into the house, returning with Cera’s purple-and-yellow, star-shaped, children’s butterfly net.

Oh, how I wish I had had my camera as my husband bounded across the backyard, colorful butterfly net in hand, chasing dragonflies. He didn’t catch one, but he gave me a great image to recall anytime I need a good laugh.


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