Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 15, 2008

A friendly frog

My mom has created an oasis in her backyard.

Within the high fence that provides privacy for my parents’ in-ground pool, there is an abundance of life. My mom has planted dozens, if not hundreds, of brightly colored flowers, which grow in beds and big clay planters and hang in plastic pots suspended from iron posts. And there are bugs galore – horseflies and houseflies, wasps and yellow jackets, and tons of honeybees (anyone who says there’s a honeybee shortage should visit my parents’ backyard on a sunny summer day – just ask my son, who suffered his first bee sting there two weeks ago).

But the big highlight for my kids – aside from the pool itself, of course – is the frogs.

They swim in the water. They hang around on the deck. My mom even claims there’s one that will sit on a chair with her as she floats around the pool.

This past weekend, Cera found a small gray tree frog under a float on the deck, and we feared he may have met his end in the hot summer sun. So she gently picked him up, placed him on her forearm and started for the pool steps to give him an energizing shot of cool water.

But apparently, there was no great need for hydration. Because the frog hopped up Cera’s arm and across her shoulders and perched itself on top of her head.

I scrambled for my camera, but needn’t have worried. That frog wasn’t going anywhere.

My mom finally took the frog off Cera’s head and placed it in the water, but it quickly jumped on Cera’s leg …

… and then back onto her arm.

I think Cera’s favorite part of her living science lesson was discovering that if she gently stroked the frog’s back, it would chirp at her.

After a few minutes, Cera was ready to play in the pool again and so decided it was time to say good-bye to her new friend. She filled a small dog bowl with water and then carried the frog to its own little oasis. One final photo …

… and he hopped off into the grass.



  1. Oh, how wonderful……he obviously liked Cera – maybe he considered her his saviour and instant best friend! What a lucky girl – and lucky frog!

  2. That picture of Cera stroking the frog’s back is priceless! Great post.

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