Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 8, 2008

What we’re reading: “Pop Pop Pop!”

“Pop Pop Pop” by Paige Russell, illustrated by Shawn Finley (a Hooked on Phonics Beginning Reader book, level 1)

This entry should actually be titled “What Cera’s reading” because she needs no help with this one, which has become her favorite book to read to Anthony and I each night before bed (although she’s quite proficient with the other offerings in this series as well).

The book follows friends Pig Wig and Cat on “popcorn day,” starting out with a snack at Cat’s house and continuing on to the popcorn store, where they pour a box of unpopped kernels into a movie theater-style popcorn popper. But …

“That’s too much.

It will not stop.

On and on and

pop pop pop!”

The popcorn store quickly fills with popped kernels …

“It’s up to my socks.

It will not stop.

It’s up to my hips.

Pop pop pop!”

… until a curious Hip-O opens the door, releasing popcorn and his friends into the outside world.

Most of the words in “Pop Pop Pop!” are single-syllable, with short-vowel sounds, so it’s a great beginning reader, and there are lots of fun rhymes and silly illustrations, so the book holds both Cera and Anthony’s attention.

And watching the proud smile that spreads across my daughter’s face each time she finishes this 32-page book – well, that’s made it one of my favorites, too.


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