Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 3, 2008


Cera has a goal.

This summer, we joined a pool. And that pool has a water slide. A really cool, taxi-cab yellow water slide that is more like something you’d see at a water park than a community swimming pool.

And more than anything, Cera – my little daredevil – wants to conquer that water slide.

The problem? It empties into a pool that’s nearly four feet deep. Which means you have to be at least four feet tall to ride (Cera’s about five inches shy of that) – unless you can pass a swimming test.

So Cera, who is as brave as can be around water but, at the beginning of the summer, would sink like a stone as soon as you let her go, has shed the swimmies and taught herself to swim.

It has been amazing to witness her determination these past weeks. She started by swimming just a few feet at a time and by last weekend, she could work her way across the entire length of my parents’ pool.

It isn’t always pretty to watch. Sometimes Cera struggles, sometimes she sputters, sometimes she’s a bit scared and sometimes she needs a little bit of help.

But she never gives up.

Tuesday afternoon, Cera swam across the deep end of the community pool. It won’t be long before she’s ready to take that swimming test. And I don’t know who will be prouder the first time she races down that water slide – my incredible daughter or myself.



  1. That’s awesome. My brother used to be terrified of the water in our pool. He’s stay on the steps (“the white water,” as he called it) and terribly feared “the blue water.” Then one day he was swimming like a fish all over the pool.

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