Posted by: Jamie Stamm | July 2, 2008

Let’s go to the movies – or not

Thank goodness for movie theater popcorn.

Otherwise my mom probably would have seen less than half of “Kung Fu Panda” when she and I took my son to see his first film on Saturday night.

The popcorn, and a pack of Twizzlers that he shared with his big sister, held Anthony’s attention for about an hour, which included several commercials and no less than six trailers (c’mon, it’s a kids’ movie), along with the first 30 minutes or so of the film. And then he needed to move.

So my mom graciously offered to take him to the lobby to get a refill on our popcorn.

“Mom, we got more popcorn!” he called over and over through the darkened theater as he made his way back to his seat.

I thought it was cute, but I seriously doubt that the rest of the theater-goers did.

The fresh popcorn bought us another 20 minutes of munching and movie watching. And then Anthony was ready to roll. He climbed down from his seat, and my mom once again leaped into action, returning to the lobby for a few more minutes of running around.

Then back to the theater, where Anthony dug into the popcorn once again, this time long enough for the film to come to an end.

“I admit that I wasn’t really excited about seeing this movie,” my mom said, “but it was really good.”

I wish she had gotten to see more of it.

This outing was an experiment for us. We debated whether to take Anthony with us or leave him home with my dad. But when he batted his big blue eyes and said, “I go to movies, too?” the decision was effectively made for us.

Anthony really didn’t behave badly. He acted just like a 2-year-old should, talking at normal volume, asking lots of questions and having a hard time sitting still. But next time, we’ll be a bit wiser and make the movies a special “just for Cera” treat.


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