Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 26, 2008

A Weekend in Washington – Day 1

This past weekend, we initiated what I hope will become a yearly event – a sibling outing, this time to Washington, D.C. With my parents graciously watching Cera and Anthony, Jerry and I, his sister Kara, my brother Steve and Steve’s friend Fish took a road trip from North Carolina to our nation’s capital, where we were joined by my sister Katie and her friend Amanda.

We left Saturday morning in hopes of getting in some sightseeing, but Interstate 95 being what it is, it took us quite a bit longer than expected to arrive in D.C. So instead of the National Mall, our first destination of the day was dinner at Sticky Rice, an American/Pan-Asian restaurant located in the H Street Atlas District Neighborhood. We were special guests of Jerry’s cousin Bryan, who is part owner of Sticky Rice, as well as several other D.C. venues. We were immediately struck by the beautiful decor, from the burnt red walls to the parasols and Japanese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and Steve kept commenting on how amazed he was with how much had been done with so little space. But if we were impressed with the atmosphere … well, we were floored by the food. We started with a house specialty – are you ready for this? – buckets of tater tots served with Sticky Rice’s secret sauce, which we ate (of course) with chopsticks (that’s Katie below). I have no idea how they got the tater tots so perfectly crisp, but I know I will never be able to eat a soggy tot again.

We followed up our tater tots with a vegetable tempura platter, Jolly Green Wontons (soy beans and wasabi wrapped in wontons and flash fried) and Sticky Balls (tuna, crab, siracha and rice in an inari pocket, deep fried with scallions, wasabi dressing and eel sauce). Then we ordered several sushi rolls, including, my personal favorite, the cleverly named Godzirra roll (crunchy shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, spicy sauce and cucumbers with tempura crunchies and tobiko). And for some reason, we ordered a number of noodle dishes as well, which were delicious, but after all the appetizers, we were too stuffed to finish them.

We washed everything down with a crisp pear sake and lots of bottles of Kirin. It was the most phenomenal meal I’ve had in months and would probably rank in my Top 10 all time. (To learn more about Sticky Rice, visit

After dinner, we took a quick tour of one of Bryan’s nearby clubs, The Red & The Black (, and then it was more drinks, live music and socializing at another of Bryan’s venues, The Rock & Roll Hotel ( We had way too much fun before finally finding our way back to our hotel sometime after 2 a.m.

It was a great start to our visit, with the highlights of our weekend – a Washington Nationals game and a Pearl Jam concert at the Verizon Center – yet to come.


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