Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 24, 2008

Oh, thank heaven, for 7-Eleven

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a transplanted Yankee. I grew up in Pottstown, Pa., (not Pottsville, Pa., where they brew Yuengling beer – I get asked that all the time), which is just a short drive from Philadelphia.

Although I have lived in North Carolina for nearly 15 years now, and don’t ever see myself leaving this beautiful state, there are certain things about “home” that I still miss. Like true Philly cheese steaks and Philadelphia soft pretzels, ring bologna from my hometown farmers’ market, hoagies from Boyers Foods, baked goods fresh from Amish country … and 7-Eleven Slurpees.

I know that last one doesn’t really fit in with the others, but there is nothing quite like a Coca-Cola Slurpee on a hot day. That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of other brands of icees and slushes, but there’s just something about the consistency and flavor of a Slurpee that sets it apart.

So imagine my delight on Sunday afternoon when, while walking to our hotel in Washington, D.C., after a baseball game at Nationals Park (more on that in a future post), we ran smack into a 7-Eleven. Overheated from watching nine innings from the outfield, which offered a spectacular view but absolutely no protection from the hot June sun, I happily positioned myself in line to wait for a Slurpee.

This particular 7-Eleven offered more choices than the one that was just a few blocks from my childhood home, where, on most days, the flavors were limited to cherry or Coke (or, if you were adventurous, Cherry Coke, which we made by alternating layers of the two). There were five offerings on Sunday, including pina colada – which was hard to resist, but I decided to go with the old standby. When I finally reached the front of the line, I grabbed a cup that was much bigger than I needed (I was sharing with my husband, after all), snapped on the rounded plastic top and served up my first Coca-Cola Slurpee in years.

It was just as refreshing as I remembered, taking me back for a few seconds to the summers of my youth. At that instant, I wanted desperately to share that cool, sweet treat with my kids (who were in Winston-Salem with their grandparents), but that will have to wait until our next trip to Pennsylvania (according to Wikipedia, the only place you can find a 7-Eleven in North Carolina is in the northeastern part of the state, and with all the travels we already have planned for this summer, we probably won’t make it to that area of the state).

As I continued on to the hotel, the jingle from the 7-Eleven commercials played over and over in my head: “Oh, thank heaven, for 7-Eleven.”

I took yet another sip of my Slurpee and smiled. Thank heaven, indeed.



  1. Jamie, I don’t feel quite so crazy now. Jonathan makes fun of me for driving across town to get a “Slush Puppy” brand icee/slushy. When I was a child, Slush Puppy was in every store in Sanford. Over the years, they faded away and were replaced with other brands.

    A few weeks ago, I stopped at the gas station across from Quiznos (I never stop there), and they had Sluch Puppy slushies!!!! I was so excited. Since then, I have had him stop by there on his way home from work (even though it is really out of the way) and I keep finding reasons to go on that side of town!

    I’m glad you got your slurpee!!!

  2. Oh man, that sounds so good right now!

  3. Let me ask you this — do you know Gibbles potato chips? My dad is from Pa., and for some reason we used to love those things. We would always stop at Sheetz and buy them while we were visiting relatives. I miss those.

  4. I do remember Gibble’s potato chips. Their motto was “Nibble with Gibble’s.” My grandmother used to keep them in a tin can under her counter because she thought it kept them fresher.

    At our house, though, we had Charles Chips, which the company delivered straight to our door. They were so good!

  5. I used to love those Gibble potato chips. They were so tasty. Then in the early to mid 80’s they switched over to a new fast frying method to save money and ruined the chips I used to enjoy. Nothing is sacred. Greed has lowered our standards.

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