Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 12, 2008

And so it begins …

I have fond memories of my first crush. It was first grade (we were both 6 years old), and his name was Michael. I would chase him like crazy when my friends and I played “kiss tag” on the playground, and once I even caught him 🙂

We ended up “dating” for a few weeks when we were in fifth grade and were great friends all through middle and high school. But it just didn’t “happen” for us.

So I knew the crushes would come with my daughter and her friends. I just didn’t expect them so soon.

Cera is only 5, so let’s just say I was shocked when on the drive home this afternoon, she declared,”Lola and Lurlene are falling in love with Johnny.” (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

“What?!?!” I asked, turning down the radio.

“Lola and Lurlene are falling in love with Johnny,” Cera repeated.

“So, are you in love with anyone?” I asked.

“No!” she exclaimed, sticking out her tongue.


Then, “Well, I am in love with Jefferson, but he doesn’t go to our school anymore,” she said.

“What about Ginger?” I asked about another of her classmates. “Is she in love with anyone?”

“Yeah, she loves Lincoln,” Cera answered. “But he’s in love with me.” Another face with a tongue sticking out. “I don’t love him, though.”

“Yeah, because you love Jefferson, right?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, “I guess I could have two husbands.”

I don’t know if I can take this.

And I know it will be 10 times worse for my husband when I share this story with him.



  1. Oh, Jamie! I can only imagine the shock. Jer is going to have to start early, from the looks of it.

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