Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 10, 2008

Heading for home plate

On Sunday night, we braved the heat and took our kids to their very first baseball game at Durham Bulls Athletic Park (we had bought our tickets well in advance; otherwise, we probably would not have opted to bake ourselves in the 100-plus degree temperatures).

But despite the heat, we had a wonderful time. There were the requisite new baseball hats …

… hot dogs for dinner …

… watermelon shaved ice for a cool, sweet treat …

… and lots of high-fives as the Bulls pulled out a win with two outs in the ninth inning. (For any Herald readers out there, yes, that is reporter Jonathan Owens below with my kids. We ran into him and fellow reporter Gordon Anderson at the game.)

But the true highlight of the night came after the game when the kids got to take part in a summer-long promotion at Sunday evening home games that allowed them to get down on the field and run the bases. I thought Anthony was going to burst at the seams as he waited his turn in line, but when he first stepped onto the field, he paused to seemingly take it all in (very thoughtful for a 2-year-old, in his mom’s humble opinion). Then it was off to the races.

Though some kids had their parents run along with them, our independent offspring opted to do it themselves, which was great because Jerry and I got to watch every moment of our babies trotting around the field. Anthony fell just past second base (I had to brush that lovely orange infield sand off his arm after he was finished), but he got right back up and kept on trucking. (I felt a bit bad for Cera because she wanted to REALLY run, but she obediently stayed with her brother until they rounded third base.)

Cera crossed home plate first, followed shortly by her brother, the very last runner of the night. He was met with cheers from the stands from Gordon and Jon, who had stayed to root on the kids (Jon even filmed it on his Blackberry, so I got to relive the run at work today).

It was a fantastic family outing. Our tickets cost less than we would have paid to go to the movies (and Anthony got in free because he’s under 3), and the Bulls offer tons of family-friendly promotions throughout the season, including fireworks at each Friday night home game and upcoming appearances by Dora the Explorer. You can find out more at



  1. We’ve been talking about a Bulls game forever…you just gave me the push I needed to figure out some dates and buy some tickets!

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