Posted by: Jamie Stamm | June 5, 2008

Arctic macaroni

My son has a strange obsession with stickers. He can be completely out of sorts, and if you give him a sticker, he’ll put it on the side of his face, insert his ring and middle fingers in his mouth and become immediately calm. It’s one of his lovable quirks.

That said, I now keep a steady supply of stickers in my glove compartment for uneasy car rides. And this afternoon, after Anthony had had a snack and was starting to get cranky, I reached for a sheet of stickers and handed them to his sister to dole out (otherwise all 15 or so would have been gone in a matter of minutes).

Apparently, the sheet I grabbed was filled with stickers featuring stringed instruments (we also currently have cats and dogs, fish and more than 750 bug stickers). Cera handed Anthony a guitar, which he promptly stuck to the side of his face, and – like clockwork – his tantrum subsided. A few quiet moments followed, broken not by Anthony but by his big sister.

“We love Arctic macaroni! We love Arctic macaroni!” she chanted.

I glanced in my rearview mirror and had to laugh. Apparently, Cera had followed her brother’s lead. She had two stickers on her forehead, one on each cheek and another on her chin.

“We love Arctic macaroni!” she continued. “We love Arctic macaroni!”

“What,” I asked, “is Arctic macaroni?”

“It’s my band,” Cera answered, pointing to the stickers on her face.

“And why is your band called Arctic macaroni?”

“Because they’re from the Arctic,” she said, in that you-should-know-the-obvious-answer-to-this-question voice. “And their favorite food is macaroni and cheese.”

Of course.

As our conversation continued, I learned that there are 20 members of Arctic macaroni. I’m glad she didn’t decide to represent each with a sticker.



  1. That “duh, I can’t believe you didn’t know that” voice is one of my favorite things about kids, and it seems to be most prevalent in girls that are just your daughter’s age! Your kids seem to have such fun, active imaginations. I love reading stories about them!

  2. Ha!

  3. Hey…
    I’m Niveditha from India!
    I was just looking at random blogs and I found yours.
    It was very sweet to know about your little children! πŸ™‚
    I think kids are really adorable! πŸ˜›

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