Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 27, 2008

The terrible 2s

My son is lucky that he’s so cute. Because with the way he’s been acting lately, I’ve been contemplating selling him to gypsies.

You see, over the past few weeks, he has become firmly entrenched in the terrible 2s.

He whines. He hits. He kicks. He tests all limits. He fights bedtime with every fiber of his being. And he talks back.

“Anthony, I said no!” I’ll say.

“And I said yes!” he’ll reply, before doing exactly what it was that I told him not to do.


Anthony also has a lot of issues with his big sister. For example, if Cera has the pink bouncy ball, even though there might be six other balls right in front of him, he has to have that pink one. Or if Cera is curled up in Mommy’s lap, he has to be there instead (and will claw his way up, if necessary). And sometimes, for no reason at all, Anthony will run at full speed from across the room and tackle Cera to the ground (thanks to my brother for working with him on his football skills).

Time-outs have become a regular occurrence in our household, though I don’t know how effective they are. And I’m finding that my fuse is getting shorter and shorter.

This weekend, Cera was gone for several hours at her first sleepover (she is growing up way too fast), and Anthony asked again and again, “Where Cera?”

“She’s at Callie’s house,” I explained.

“I want to go to Callie’s too,” Anthony said matter-of-factly.

Wait, I thought. He’s not whining.

And then I realized that he had been really well-behaved since his sister left. And he continued to be that way until we picked Cera up the next morning.

But five minutes into the car ride home, the kids were at it again, arguing over the most insignificant of things.

Not that I’m blaming Cera, but I’m seeing a bit of a connection here.

And during a recent Anthony temper tantrum, when I asked Cera if he acts like that at school, she turned to me wide-eyed and said, “No, not at all.”

So his issues seem to be a little bit Cera, and a little bit me, and a whole lot of Anthony.

Lucky for my little man, he is blessed with big blue eyes and a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts. When he really wants something, he bats his long, delicate eyelashes and pleads, “Please?” in the sweetest of voices, and as the night wears on, he’ll cuddle up in my lap in a way that no mother could resist, even one who’s spent the entire day dealing with a defiant toddler.

So I’ve developed a mantra that I repeat over and over to myself as Anthony throws out at the grocery store or torments the cat or attacks his sister.

“It’s just a stage. It’s just a stage. It’s just a stage.”

So far it’s working. But I’m still not ruling out the gypsies …



  1. Hi there, I found this post on google.. Im having some issues with my son. He will be 2 in march and for the last 2 weeks hes been smacking.. biting, and screaming “no”.. and bedtimes.. omg..Im ready to leave for somehting at the store and never come back! Hes creams and screams.. But not for like half hour.. for HOURS! i dont know what to do.. please tell me how you got threw it.. I need help…

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