Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 22, 2008

A simple experiment: A follow-up

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my quest to get my daughter’s birth certificate from the state Department of Vital Statistics so that I could register her for kindergarten. (You can read the original post at

Briefly, the DOVS Web site said the processing time for a such a request was nine to 10 weeks, but with rush delivery, which cost double the $15 fee, a request could be processed in five to six days. I suggested that this sounded like a bit of a money-making scheme.

So I ordered my daughter’s birth certificate by rush delivery and my son’s the regular way, just to see if it was worth the extra money.

I mailed both requests on Monday, April 14, and had Cera’s birth certificate in hand by that Saturday. Five days for a letter to travel from my home in Apex to the DOVS in Raleigh, be processed and make it back to my mailbox was pretty phenomenal.

Anthony’s birth certificate arrived today, May 21, just a little over five weeks after I mailed my request.

So am I unhappy that I spent the extra $15 to get Cera’s birth certificate quickly? Not a bit. Because having her registered for kindergarten was a load off my mind. And I was actually quite impressed with the processing time for both documents.

So, here’s my conclusion: The DOVS should amend its Web site to read that processing takes “less than nine to 10 weeks.” It would make them look better.



  1. Thank you for this post.

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