Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 21, 2008

A milestone

I hope my daughter gets some sleep tonight.

Because as we were lying down for bed, something prompted me to ask her if she had any loose teeth yet. And lo and behold, as she touched her tiny pointer finger to each of her baby teeth, one on the bottom wiggled.

“I think I do,” she said, the excitement rising in her voice.

So I wiggled it, too.

And, indeed, Cera has her first loose tooth.

For the next 30 minutes, she alternated between wiggling her tooth with her finger, and then her tongue, and whispering to herself, “My tooth, tooth, tooth is falling, falling out,” and “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!” while occasionally blurting out a comment like, “Kelly’s older than me, and she hasn’t lost a tooth yet,” or “I’m not eating tomorrow. I won’t be able to with my loose tooth.”

So I explained to her that, yes, she could eat with a loose tooth, although apples might not be the best idea right now. I also told her that it could take weeks for her tooth to fall out (although it is fairly loose) and warned her that when it does, it will probably bleed a little. (Like most other 5-year-olds, she flips out at the sight of blood. I just wanted to make sure she knew that the bleeding wouldn’t last long and that it was completely normal.)

When I checked on her around 11 p.m., her eyes were still wide open, and she still had a finger in her mouth, wiggling that baby tooth back and forth.

Part of me wants to boo-hoo because this is just another sign that my little girl is growing up, but I think I’ll save my tears for the coming weeks, when she leaves the day care she’s attended since she was seven weeks old and embarks on her first day of kindergarten. Instead, I’m sharing in the joy of a child who’s about to reach a pretty big milestone in her young life and remembering just how cool it was to have a loose tooth.

And tomorrow, as Cera growls like a bear when I try to wake her up, I won’t tell her she’s tired because she stayed up too late. Because I know she had an exciting night.



  1. This brought tears to MY eyes. I am SO not ready for this milestone. I have been trying to get lots of pictures of Hailey before she loses her first tooth. She will be 6 next month and so far none are even wiggling.

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