Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 13, 2008

He gets it!

Since we have such a long commute each day, Cera and I have devised several games that we play in the car, such as “What Animal Am I?” (we ask questions like “Do you have fur?” and “Do you have four legs?” until we figure out what animal the other person is) and, one of Cera’s creations, “The Silly Game.”

In “The Silly Game,” we try to top one another with silly hypotheticals. For example, “Have you ever seen an elephant on roller skates?” or “Did you ever see a flower walk on its petals?”

Anthony is starting to get into our game play, although he’s not quite “there” yet. Like when we play “What Animal Are You?” his first question is always “Are you a cow?” – followed shortly by his second question: “Are you a cow?” And if it’s his turn, we don’t ask questions about the animal’s characteristics. We just guess animals. Usually ones that have appeared on a recent episode of “Go, Diego, Go.”

But Friday afternoon, during a long round of “The Silly Game” that had Cera and I pausing for a significantly long time to come up with another “sillyism,” Anthony spoke up loud and clear from the back seat:

“Did you ever see an alligator drive a car?”

It took my brain a minute to digest his quip – not because it wasn’t funny but because I was shocked that he finally “got it.”

But not Cera. She let loose with a giggle and then an all-out laugh.

And then I joined in.

And then Anthony joined in.

We had a rather lengthy laugh-fest before Cera offered up another silly scenario. And when we told Anthony it was his turn again, we weren’t terribly surprised when he said, “Did you ever see an alligator drive a car?”

At least we know that he’s finally in the game.


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