Posted by: Jamie Stamm | May 9, 2008

A “deer” conversation

On our drive home from Sanford this evening, Cera and I were having a conversation about why farmers don’t like to see deer in their fields (it was a rather lengthy talk that evolved from a question about a deer crossing sign).

“When a farmer grows crops, it’s either to feed his family or so that he can sell them at market,” I explained. “So if a deer eats the farmer’s vegetables, he’s losing money. He either has to pay to buy his family food to replace the crops the deer ate or he doesn’t get to sell his crops, and that would mean he’s losing money, too.”

“No, Mama, he can still make money,” Cera replied. “Because he can just sell his crops to the deer instead of the people.”

I love 5-year-old logic.


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