Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 22, 2008

What we’re reading: “Michael Recycle”

“Michael Recycle,” written by Ellie Bethel and illustrated by Alexandra Colombo (2008, Worthwhile Books)


Just in time for Earth Day (which is today, April 22), Worthwhile Books has introduced “Michael Recycle,” the story of a green-caped crusader who swoops into the town of Abberdoo-Rimey, “where garbage was left to grow rotten and slimy,” to teach residents about the importance of recycling.

With a colander positioned atop his head, Michael Recycle warns the townspeople,


“The sky and the river

Are smelly and brown.

Soon fifty-foot bugs

Will take over your town.


“You’ve got to recycle

You’ve got to act soon!

Before all your trash

Reaches up to the moon!”


The men, women and children of Abberdoo-Rimey heed Michael Recycle’s advice and begin collecting rain water, growing their own vegetables and recycling paper, plastic and cans, “And even old junk / Like used pots and pans.” Soon, the town is green again and the residents plan a grand celebration.


“They covered the town

In green toilet paper,

Then rolled it back up

To use again later.


“You may think that’s yucky,

But these folks don’t agree.

In Abberdoo-Rimey,

Recycling is key!”


When Michael Recycle returns, he is impressed with the blue water and blue skies, and the townspeople praise him as “the planet’s new savior.”


“But Michael Recycle

Was nowhere around.

He’d already moved on

To help the next town.”


My children, ages 2 and 5, love this book’s silly rhymes and vibrant illustrations, earning “Michael Recycle” a spot in our regular reading rotation. As a parent, I also appreciate the “Go Green Tips” at the conclusion of the book, which use kid-friendly terminology and examples to encourage children — and adults, as well — to recycle and conserve water and energy.

“Michael Recycle” is an excellent choice for Earth Day — and a great read for every other day of the year as well.



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