Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 20, 2008

A new link

I’ve added a new link to my blogroll called “Confessions of a CF Husband.” My friend Emily introduced me to the site, which is written by Nathan Lawrenson of Nags Head about his experiences as the husband of a woman with cystic fibrosis (his wife, Tricia) and the father of a daughter (Gwyneth Rose) born at just 24 1/2 weeks due to her mother’s illness.

The first time I visited this site, I must have read entries for more than an hour, oftentimes with tears streaming down my cheeks. This family’s story is truly inspirational – Gwyneth Rose is growing beautifully, and after receiving a lung transplant, Tricia is slowly but surely getting her life back. And then there is Nate, who shows so much strength and courage, all while somehow managing to keep his sense of humor.

Those who read my blog on a regular basis know that I am a strong proponent of organ donation. And Nate’s blog is a testament to what a donor organ can mean, not just to the recipient, but to their loved ones as well. Thanks to a pair of donated lungs, these three individuals have been given the opportunity to live together as a family.

And that is a beautiful thing.



  1. I am going to have to wait until no one is around to read this. One of my sister’s best friends in HS had CF and I found out I am a CF carrier when I was pregnant with Leah. It makes me even more emotional when I see families who are dealing with CF.

    On a completely different note…
    Tag – you’re it! I got tagged and now it is your turn! You can find the rules here:

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