Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 1, 2008

What we’re reading: “Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!”


“Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!” written by Barbara Odanaka and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2006)

My 2-year-old has a new favorite phrase: “Ooooh,” he says, “that’s gross.”

I don’t know where it came from, but most of the time, he uses it appropriately, as a description of everything from a puddle of Pert Plus that had spilled on the bathroom floor to the swirls of pollen in the dirty rainwater that’s collected at the end of our driveway.

So Saturday’s arrival of “Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!” from our book club couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. It’s filled with gross stuff, from rotten eggs and apple cores to stinky diapers and coffee grounds. Anthony was thrilled!

I’m not a big “gross out” fan, but I also love this book – which details a morning of garbage collection – because it has a great rhyme scheme. And it’s really silly.

Workers working all day long. Massive muscles, oh so strong. Greasy gloves … sticky boots … stains a-plenty on their suits.

Gooey, gloppy. Slimy, sloppy. Truck’s a rolling bug buffet. Flies a-buzzin’ by the dozen – lapping up that cheese souffle. 

Barbara Odanaka’s  amusing text is accompanied by vibrant illustrations by Will Hillenbrand, including garbage trucks that resemble giant beasts as they chomp on everything from turkey bones to a broken chair.



  1. Jamie,

    My son and daughter are grown up, but I remember the times we sat together and read books like this. As we sat, I read, they listened, and I could feel myself regressing back, back into a child’s reverie by the sights and sounds such stories roused in the imagination. I don’t know if they remember, but I sure do.

    T. Booher

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