Posted by: Jamie Stamm | April 1, 2008

Rain, rain, go away


I just looked at the forecast for the next five days, and every day shows at least a few raindrops falling. I know we need the rain (according to rainfall statistics at RDU, rainfall levels for the year are still nearly 10 inches below normal), but I’m also the parent of two small children, and I need my sanity, too.

Saturday wasn’t too bad – my mother-in-law and sister-in-law were visiting from Candler, and we did what we could to keep the kids amused – made popcorn and watched a movie, read book after book after book, did art projects. We even let them stay up late to cheer on the Tar Heels.

But Sunday …

My in-laws departed for home during Anthony’s nap and left behind his Easter present – a wagon filled with sand toys – for him to open when he woke up. He was so excited to play with his new toys that he immediately ran to the back door, bucket and shovel in hand.

“I go play in sandbox?” he asked.

Outside, the rain was coming down in buckets.

“No, honey,” I said. “It’s raining outside.”

“I go play in sandbox,” he said, this time insistently.

“Anthony, we can’t,” I explained. “It’s cold and wet outside.”
His bottom lip poked out. And then the floodgates opened (the rain coming down outside was no match for this toddler’s tears).

“I want sandbox,” he wailed – for the next 10 minutes.

We finally got him calmed down and involved in some fun indoor activities, including a nice, long bath – but when it was time for the kids to go to bed, the effects of the rain reared their ugly head again. All of Cera and Anthony’s pent-up energy came out. I kept glancing at the clock.

10 p.m.: Four eyes wide open.

10:30 p.m.: Cera was starting to fade, but Anthony was engaging in stall tactics. He wanted a drink of water. Then he wanted his nightshirt off. Then he rolled on top of Cera. Now she was awake again, too.

10:45 p.m.: Cera is snoring. Anthony is chattering away.

11 p.m.: Finally. All eyes are closed.

Then we woke up this morning to – what else? – rain. As I dropped my kids off at day care, I felt terrible for the teachers, knowing that they would be dealing with the same things I had the day before – times 12. And it looks like they might have to repeat today all the way through Friday.

So you’ll have to forgive me – and lots of other parents and teachers, I’m sure – for being a rain hater. It reminds me of an old children’s rhyme:

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again some other day,
We want to go outside and play,
Come again some other day.

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