Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 26, 2008

Sad news

I was very sad to learn today about the fire that gutted Thai House, which I cited earlier this month as one of my favorite places for lunch in Sanford. I just ate there late last week (sweet and sour chicken – which was delicious – and my all-time-favorite egg rolls), and I had called there again on Monday afternoon, but the restaurant was still closed for Easter.

What I enjoyed about Thai House wasn’t just the fabulous food, but also how friendly every worker I encountered there was – and helpful, too. Every time I asked for my meal prepared “hot,” they would ask, just to clarify, “Thai hot or American hot?” They never wanted their diners to choose something that would scorch their taste buds, and I appreciated that.

I usually asked for “American hot,” but there was one time last fall when a miserable me headed to Thai House in search of something spicy enough to clear my stuffy head.

“I want it Thai hot,” I told the man who waited on me at the counter.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“I have this terrible cold,” I explained.

He nodded knowingly, said “We can take care of that for you,” and placed my order with the cook. The lunch they served me was as tasty as always but spicy enough that it cleared my sinuses right up. I could breathe for the first time in days.

But let’s just say I hadn’t ordered anything “Thai hot” since.

When I left work tonight, there was still no word from Thai House’s owner as to whether he might rebuild or open at another location. I for one hope that he does. Because I can’t imagine lunchtime – or cold season – without one of my very favorite restaurants in Sanford.



  1. I am so sad about the Thai house. It was my favorite place to eat in town! The food was always wonderful. I hope that they rebuild. We need to think of a place for them to move in to. I don’t know how long I can go without that delicious sesame chicken!

  2. I heard on the street that though Adcock had insurance coverage on the building itself, the Thai operators had no insurance for their loss. If this is so, it’s a tragic loss for them of not only their livlihood and business but the chance to rebuild will have to be doubly hard. jamie, you ought ot check into this as an addendum to your original story. And I’ll agree, this restaurant was among my favorite in Sanford! I hope they rebuild here.

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