Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 20, 2008

Daddy takes over

Those who read my blog at Valentine’s Day know that I vowed to make something homemade for the next holiday, after my assignment to bring M&M Cupid Mix for my kids’ school parties progressed from a routine grocery store visit to an all-out quest. So my daughter Cera and I signed up for “cupcakes or cake” for her class’ Easter celebration.

But as I was preoccupied with reorganizing vacation plans tonight (see blog below), my wonderful husband stepped in and took over. He and the kids made two white cakes together and then, after they went to bed, he carved them to make a bunny, made his own frosting and iced and decorated the cake himself. The bunny (pictured below) even has green eyes, just like Cera.


I think he did an amazing job – he really is a fabulous dad (and a perfect husband). I can’t wait for Cera to see the cake tomorrow morning!

A quick side note: I did have to provide the dreaded M&Ms for Anthony’s party (he really wanted to bring M&Ms – he loves them – and if you looked into my little boy’s bright blue eyes, you would know why I couldn’t say no), but this time I was smart. I bought them weeks ago.


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