Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 15, 2008

Feeling (temporarily) young

An open letter to the teen-aged girl who carded me at the grocery store today:

To my new favorite cashier:

Thank you so much for taking the time to ask for my ID this afternoon, and, even more, for making me remove it from behind the protective plastic of my wallet so that you could scrutinize my birth date even further. It has been many months (if not years) since someone has looked at my license (except for the cop who – I believe erroneously – stopped me for speeding last spring).

I celebrated my 21st birthday more than a decade ago (you were probably in your early years of elementary school then), and I know there is no way you looked at me this afternoon – with the crows feet that have started to appear at the corners of my eyes (thank goodness my hair is still blond enough to hide any gray) – and thought that I wasn’t old enough to drink. Maybe you were acknowledging the fact that I looked refreshed (I took a vacation day today and my husband let me sleep in while he cared for the kids), or maybe you were under close scrutiny by your boss for previously failing to card someone who actually was underage. Perhaps you were thrown off by my Tar Heels baseball jersey, a shirt that I salvaged from my much younger sister’s throwaways and wore today while rooting on my alma mater.

It really doesn’t matter why you asked to see my ID. It only matters that you did.

And it completely made my day.


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