Posted by: Jamie Stamm | March 13, 2008

We love our trampoline


When my mom asked if she and my dad could get the kids a trampoline for Christmas, I was so excited. I never had a trampoline when I was a kid, and aside from a few gymnastics birthday parties when I was much younger, I’d had few chances to jump on one.

Yes, I know there are those who think a trampoline is the absolute worst thing you can buy for a child. I have heard tons of horror stories about people breaking their arms and legs or flying over the top of the protective netting (believe me, currently neither of my kids, nor my husband or myself, are even close to that happening). And while I’m not going to be stupid enough to say that none of us is going to get injured (in fact, I strained my neck a week or so back doing forward rolls across the trampoline with my daughter – sometimes I forget how old I am), I will say that we try to be careful. The kids are not allowed to jump without Mommy or Daddy right there, and we make sure the netting is secured at all times – otherwise, Anthony would have taken more than a tumble or two off the end of the tramp already.

What I love about the trampoline is that it’s something the kids can play together (amazingly, without fighting like cats and dogs), it’s great exercise and it’s a ton of fun (for Mom and Dad as well as the kids). It has definitely improved my son’s coordination – he can jump so much better than he could three months ago, and he can do a perfect forward roll (he calls it a “flip”). And my daughter – well, getting the trampoline and going to the circus around the same time has resulted in lots of “stunts” – relatively safe ones, of course. The only bad part is when it’s time to go inside (sometimes we have to drag Cera out of the trampoline – literally. Luckily, she actually likes being pulled by her feet across the slick canvas).

This week, with the extra hour of sunlight, I’ve also come to realize what a wonderful stress reliever the trampoline is. Each night after I’ve changed out of my work clothes, the kids and I have headed outside for a good 30 minutes to an hour of bouncing and laughing. I feel incredibly refreshed afterward (though pretty exhausted, too).

So thanks, Mom and Dad, for a great Christmas gift for the kids – yours as well as mine.




  1. We got one of the “nursery” trampolines (still not sure why they call them that…do they expect babies to jump?) with the handle for Christmas and yet they STILL want to jump on my bed! If we had one I could jump on, I would probably be sitting right beside you at the doctor’s office. I’m sure I would forget that I was in middle school the last time I did a forward flip on a trampoline! Love the picture of Cera in the air!

  2. I don’t know how you stay on the trampoline longer than 10 minutes. I was exhausted after a few minutes. But then again you don’t smoke cigarettes…

  3. you’re welcome!

  4. I think it’s a great thing for kids to have trampolines – loads of exercise like you said. Anything can be dangerous if it’s not used properly!!!

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