Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 19, 2008

Liquid pleasures

Maybe it was the one semester of statistics that I took in college, but I have a thing for facts and figures. And I found this little nugget, which was in the March issue of Parenting magazine, particularly interesting:

236: Number of calories adults got from drinks per day in 1965

458: Number of daily calories we get from drinks today

I pride myself on eating healthy, but, after thinking about it for a moment, I realized that I do have three big vices of the liquid variety.

1. Sweet tea: If I could, I would drink sweet tea every day from sun up to sun down. But after, let’s say, the amount of sweet tea in the Dollar Menu offering from McDonald’s, the sugar and caffeine really get to me. And now that I’ve adopted my “live healthier in 2008” mantra, I’ve pretty much completely cut this beverage out of my diet, though I do occasionally treat myself.

2. Hot chocolate: When it comes to hot chocolate, I actually have some rules (scary, huh?). It must be made with whole milk, and the mix can not come out of a packet (no Swiss Miss for me). Right now, I am completely hooked on Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa, which was a Christmas gift from my husband, but I’m also a fan of the traditional Hershey’s cocoa, made with Hershey’s cocoa powder, sugar, water, milk, vanilla and a pinch of salt (just like it says on the side of the canister). The latter holds memories for me, as my mom used to make Hershey’s cocoa every Christmas morning, along with buttered toast (Christmas morning was all about the presents at our house, not a big breakfast). Let me tell you, you haven’t tasted anything until you’ve experienced a slice of buttery toast dipped in a mug of rich hot chocolate.

3. Red wine: This is probably my biggest vice. Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir, shiraz – I love them all. I’m intrigued by the amazing complexity of red wine – how a glass of California syrah can taste completely different from an Australian shiraz, even though they are made from the same grape. I love when a wine surprises me, with a bite of pepper or a hint of blackberry that I wasn’t anticipating. I admire the beautiful ruby red color as I hold a glass of cab up to the light to examine its “legs.” And there is just something about a good glass of wine right before bed that can take away anything stressful that may have happened in the course of the day.



  1. I think we must be kindred spirits or something!!!! I, too, love sweet tea – the sweeter the better!!! I never thought I liked iced tea before I moved south and discovered that you can actually get tea that isn’t out of a can with the lemon “flavor” already mixed in!

    But, the part that nailed it for me was your love of REAL hot chocolate!!! Oh, what wonderful memories reading your post brought back for me!! I am a hot chocolate snob, too – it has to be Hersey’s or Nestle powder in hot whole milk! AND – I always have to have buttered toast to dunk in it! I once had someone see me do that and commented that I must be from some bazaar planet to do something so gross!!! I told them to not knock it until they try it! ha-ha-ha

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