Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 18, 2008

An x-cellent assignment

With a 5-year-old daughter, we are now firmly entrenched in the dreaded “find three things that start with the letter …” homework assignment.

Honestly, it’s usually not that bad, especially at the beginning of the alphabet – I mean, you could find hundreds of photos of things that start with the letter C. Plus, my daughter is now quite adept with scissors, and I feel like we get a little more use out of our magazines before we recycle them.

But now we’re reaching the end of the alphabet, which a few weeks ago meant Q (we cut out a question mark, a duck for “quack” and a little girl with her finger over her lips for “quiet” – can’t believe we couldn’t find a picture of a quilt or a queen), and in a few more weeks, Z (zebra, zipper and zoo immediately come to mind).

This week, however, is the absolute worst because it’s the letter X.

Miraculously, we found a photograph of an X-ray (OK, so it’s a cartoony ad for Kraft Singles where a cow is getting an X-ray, but it still counts) and one of my husband’s technology magazines yielded a picture of an Xbox.

But 10 magazines later, still no third photo. The only other real possibility I see is a xylophone because, although we might find a picture of a Xerox machine or an ad for Xanax, I don’t think my daughter knows what either of those words mean.

I know we could always print out a photo from the Internet or cut out a picture from a coloring book, but that seems like cheating.

Besides, now I’m on a quest.

Wait, whose homework is this anyway?



  1. I absolutely dread Thursdays as that is when the picture dictionary comes home. They are not going in alphabetical order so I have no idea when we will make it to X but I am thankful that I saw your post because I would not have thought of xbox!

  2. You could cut out a picture of Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo for “xenophobe.”


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