Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 10, 2008

An evening of family fun

It’s just after 11 p.m., and we’re back from the circus. Our 2-year-old, Anthony, is already fast asleep (I can’t believe he stayed awake for the car ride home), and our daughter, Cera … well, she’s a bit wound-up. She’s in bed, but I think it will be a while before her eyes finally close for the night.

Like last year, the circus was a blast. The “story” of this year’s program revolves around Bello, a comic daredevil with tall orange hair who falls in love with the main aerialist and does all that he can to impress her. You don’t really need a story line for a circus, but my husband, Jerry, and I thought the performer who played Bello was amazing. He was skilled in several areas, from high-flying antics to just clowning around.

Maybe because I’m not a kid anymore, my favorite acts are usually the trapeze artists and acrobats rather than the animals, but not this time. Jerry, Cera and I agreed that the top performers of the evening – and the funniest – were the dogs. They jumped rope, hopped over obstacles (while on two legs) and did back flips (there was this one poodle who just kept flipping and flipping – it was amazing and, perhaps even more so, amusing). Anthony LOVED the elephants, and they came at just the right time – they were one of the last acts of the night, and we were starting to lose him (I think the acrobats bored him a little).

We also really enjoyed the tigers, noting how much they reminded us of house cats (except for the fact that, well, they could eat you). They looked like they were trying to play with the trainer’s whip (kind of like one of those cat toys with a feather on the end) and they had an awful lot of attitude, just like our cat (one of them took a swipe at the trainer as he came in for a kiss, which made my heart jump a little bit, but – seriously – even if you worked with tigers every day, would you lean in for a kiss? It’s a TIGER.).

The big finale was a husband-and-wife human cannonball team, which was meh. Honestly, the human cannonball doesn’t do much for me. It’s over so quickly, and they can’t really fly that far inside an arena. Plus, Cera said it actually scared her a bit, with the loud boom when the cannon fired. (Last year, the finale was motorcyclists riding inside this giant round cage, which was much cooler.)

The show runs a little over two hours, with a brief intermission. And it flows well – there is always something going on to keep even the littlest ones amused.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. We oohed and aahed, we gasped and we laughed – sometimes very hard. Oh, and we spent A LOT of money (see below).

Cost breakdown:

Tickets: $18.40 each (we got a discount because we went last year) for the eighth row. Our seats were great.

Toys: After quite a bit of consideration, Cera chose a stuffed mommy-and-baby pony combo ($21). Anthony, of course, went for a sword ($16), so I expect we will spend tomorrow tending to an injured Cera or a broken lamp. A quick note: If your kid wants something that lights up and is patient enough to wait until after the circus, they were selling light-up toys outside the RBC Center for $5. I don’t think I saw anything inside for under $20.

Food: A collectible tiger cup filled with a rainbow snow cone ($12), a giant tub of way-too-buttery popcorn ($5), a bottled water ($4) and a large pink lemonade ($4). Yeah, the food is a complete rip-off.



  1. Great story!!! But, your cost break down was missing something:

    Evening of great fun and entertainment with the family – PRICELESS!

    You made me want to head to the circus! Thanks!

  2. Excellent point – it was priceless!

    I also could have added in parking, $10. Yikes!

  3. […] By the way, our Community Editor, Jamie Stamm, also went this weekend, and has a much better blog about it than I do here […]

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