Posted by: Jamie Stamm | February 2, 2008

Coming Feb. 10

As I finished off the last of a slice of wedding cake from Enchanted Memories Cakes and Sweet Shop in Broadway this morning, I knew that today was going to be a good day.

I had dedicated most of my Friday to working on Central Carolina Wedding Guide (known around the office as the bridal tab), our annual publication highlighting trends in the wedding industry and local businesses that provide bridal services. My morning started out with a visit to Enchanted Memories, where owner (and sole employee) Tracy Melby told me about her nearly 2-year-old business and then sent photographer Brooke Wolfe and I on our way with a small cake to share with our co-workers. I think all who had a taste would agree that the cake was delicious. What a sweet start to my day!

I have been “in charge” of the bridal tab since the Herald published its first one back in 2001, and it is truly a labor of love for me. A labor because I take on a lot of the writing (thankfully, this year I have help from Herald correspondent Irene Harvley-Felder) and all of the design, in addition to my regular duties at the paper (so if I don’t blog a lot over the next few days, you’ll know why). And a love because, well, I love weddings.

I’m not a girly girl per se, but, truly, I love weddings. I had an absolute blast planning my own nearly eight years ago, and I really enjoy going to weddings, even when they’re only for casual acquaintances. And (my co-workers would back me on this one) I am definitely an advocate of marriage. I constantly talk about how wonderful it is to be married (at least in my own experience), even though in college I swore I would never tie the knot.

I’ve also enjoyed watching the bridal tab grow over the years. On my first attempt, I used a fair amount of wire copy; the second year, a little less; and by year three, the bridal tab was completely local. It will be again when it appears in your Sanford Herald next Sunday. Readers can expect profiles of businesses like Enchanted Moments, stories on trends such as pets in weddings and the tale of one local family that planned (and funded) two weddings in a little more than a year.

So check your newspaper next weekend for the 2008 Central Carolina Wedding Guide.


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